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The VO grid is a virtual environment with several islands specially for secundary education. We have island for English, French, German and Spanish language teaching.

The grid is a safe environment for students, only teachers and students of affiliated schools have access to the grid, others can not enter. Any interested teachers or visitors can ask for an account to visit the 3DLES demo grid.

At the moment we are working hard to prepare the VO grid for the new school year 2015/16.

In the new school year the VO grid can be used for:

  • English (language village Chatterdale)

  • French (language village Parolay)

  • German (language village Plauderbach)

  • Spanish (language village Villapalique)

There are also some areas that are always available to all users:

  • Welcome, the first island where users login. Here you can get information on the different islands, clothing and attributes, virtual meeting places, and some games.

  • Arcadia, where students (and teachers) can learn how to navigate in a virtual environment and play some navigation games.

  • TeamUp, where students can play a game by working together on an assignment.

  • 3D-LAB, the island where new developments are built and tested.







Individual islands can be rented per school year. So if you want to rent Chatterdale for one class, you will have no access to other islands. The free islands are alway accessable. Please email us or fill in the form below for more information on costs.

Experiencing the  demo grid
You want to experience it yourself, first? Visit our free accessable 3DLES demo grid. Almost all islands of the VO grid can also be found at the demo grid. You can request an account via the form below. Note: It is not possible to login at the VO grid with this account.

Information or acount?
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