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Education in virtual worlds
Educating and serious gaming in 3D virtual worlds is not only creating some virtual buildings and having people running around with their avatar. It needs interaction and immersive experiences, every object needs to teach something, the area needs to be one big learning experience. 3DLES is specialised in gamification for education in virtual worlds.

WHAT DOES 3DLES OFFER?Presenter in the Dutch area 'Nederland' at virtyou

- EU project technical support
We can take care of the technical and educational support as a partner within an EU project for Linux servers, OpenSim installation and maintenance, websites, Big Blue Button, Moodle, etc.

- Project management
We can take care of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of your project goals and objectives.

- Educational content
As we are educators ourselves we can create in-world courses, role-play events, treasure hunts, or any other educational idea you may have.

- Video / Machinima recording and editing
Recording and editing of in-world video (HD quality) and audio. We can create your promotional or instruction video and place it on your YouTube channel.
See our 3DLES YouTube channel at:www.youtube.com/3DLES

- Big Blue Button Hosting
We can host your own Big Blue Button teleconferencing software on a dedicated server.

Training by 3DLES- Technical expertise in 3D environments
Managing, building and scripting in virtual worlds is what we do!

- Training in OpenSim
We offer hands-on training in:

  • Basic skills
  • Content creation - 1 (building)
  • Content creation - 2 (scripting)
  • Education in virtual worlds

Please contact our office for more information...

Stereoscopic 3D
3D Televisions are getting more popular every day, also schools are starting with it. Computerscreens and beamers with stereoscopic 3D are getting affordable and really offer this extra dimension. The good news is that it is also possible to use stereoscopic 3D with our virtual environments. 2D and 3D can be used simultaneous. If you want more information about stereoscopic 3D in education, please contact us

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