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These are the project 3DLES created (or has been working on)

EVA Park project - City University London
Technical research for the EVA Park project. An OpenSim island that gives people with aphasia unique opportunities to practise their speech and establish social connections. website: www.evapark.co.uk

TILA project (EU)
Project partner in the TILA project. Technical management of
an OpenSim grid, Moodle and Big Blue Button web conferencing.
website: www.tilaproject.eu


Development of a virtual English language village
commissioned by Digitale School, Netherlands.
this island is part of the EDUgrid

At the seminar of 'Levende talen'  2011 (modern languages) in Utrecht (NL) Chatterdale and Parolay won two prizes.
One prize was awarded by the public and the other was an honorable mention from the jury of the European Language Label. The European Language Label is a European prize for innovative language projects. In the Netherlands, the European Platform, which promotes internationalizing education, organizes this contest, commissioned by the Ministry of Education.

See also http://nickzwart.blogspot.com/

EDUgrid (3DLES)

Development of an educational grid for secundary education. This is a closed grid, only accessable by students and teachers of affiliated schools.
More information...

Spanish Language Route
Research and development of a Spanish virtual environment
with Non Player Characters as language teachers. Commisioned  by the University of AlcalŠ de Henares (Spain) Read more...

Lodewien ART
(comming soon)
Development of a virtual gallery commisioned by the
Dutch painter Lodewien. www.lodewien.nl


Development of a virtual French language village
commissioned by Digitale School, Netherlands.
this island is part of the EDUgrid

Arcadia Orientation island
Development of a oriŽntation island, to learn how to
walk, fly, dress, work, etc. Watch the video here

this island is part of the EDUgrid

mikree zahaav
Development of a virtual old testament region for Hebrew language learning
commissioned by the University of Tilburg


Management and maintenance of NIFLAR's
european virtual language areas
website: niflar.eu


Implementation of all Sloodle objects in OpenSim
commissioned by Surfnet, Netherlands.
website: sloodle.nl

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