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All 3DLES projects can be found online on our grid. Chatterdale, Parolay, Mikree Zahaav, SLRoute and Lodewien have free access when they are not used by schools. A great opportunity to have a look around in these virtual learning environments.

To be able to look around in one of our virtual projects you have to:

  1. Request a free account on the EDUgrid page (only if you have not requested for an account yet)
  2. Download a 3D viewer, you can choose between several viewers.
  3. a. Set op the Singularity viewer(V3) 
  4. Set up Vivox voice

2. Download the 3D Viewer
To look around in an 3D environment you also need a 3D viewer. This viewer has to be downloaded and installed.

3a. VIEWER SETTINGS (Singularity viewer)
To log in on the 3DLES demogrid you have to set the Singularity viewer to this grid.

  • After installing and starting the viewer, click on the GRID MANAGER button at the bottom,  see --->
  • Click on the CREATE button (see below picture)
  • Fill in the field LOGIN URI: with edugrid.3dles.com:8002
  • Click on APPLY at the right bottom and click on OK at the bottom (see below picture)

  • Fill in the Username and Password fields with your personal data.
  • Choose the 3DLES EDUgrid from the list
  • Click on Log In


Using voice needs to be set in the viewer.

  • After installing the viewer click in the viewer top left corner on Edit -> Preferences...
  • Select the tab Voice (see below)
  • The settings should be like in the picture below. So Enable voice chat and Use Push-to-Talk in toggle mode have to be on.
  • Then click on Apply (at the right bottom)
  • A window of Vivox appear where you have to accept the terms.
  • Then select the Device settings button

  • After selecting the Device settings an extra window will appear.
  • Check if talking through the microphone will show in the green blocks meter. Talking on a normal level must give three green blocks.
    Use the Input Level Slider to adjust the volume.
  • If you cannot reach the right volume you may have to check the audio settings of your computer.
  • When finished click on OK

een headsetde TALK knopUSE A HEADSET!
Our advice is to always use a headset. When this is connected the speakers of the computer will be turned off and the chat can only be heard on the headset.

After loggin in it is possible to talk to other avatars through voice. At the right bottom of the screen you can click on the TALK button to turn your microhpone on and off.
It is also possible to use the middle mouse button for switching microphone on and off.Groense golven boven het hoofd van een avatar

When the microphone is switched on others (that have voice enabled) can hear you talking in the envorinment. When someone speaks you can see green audio waves over the head of the avatar.


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