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Immerse Your Teaching 3DLES Avatarswe offer...

  • Edu Frames - The Metaverse for education - web accessible virtual places using iPhone, Android phone, tablets, VR headsets, computers and Chromebooks
  • Custom built areas / assets / worlds (we are building right now!)
  • Virtual Language Villages
  • Video/machinima recording and editing
  • Presentations/demonstrations at seminars
  • Project management for educational projects
  • Building and scripting educational content
  • Teacher training

3DLES EDU FramesVisit EDU Frames (built in FrameVR)
Enter our EDU Frames directly from your browser and have a virtual walk around our virtual office. You can also jump to other places from there. Just click the logo to enter the browser based 3DLES virtual office. This can be done with a VR headset, computer, Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet.  (note: iPhone use Safari  - Android & PC use Google Chrome)

3DLES OFFICE (custom built)
3DLES virtual Office

3DLES Expo Central (custom built)
3DLES Expo Central

CHATTERDALE (custom built)
Chatterdale tourist01

Lodewien Art Gallery (custom built)
3DLES Lodewien Art Gallery

PAROLAY (custom built)

3DLES Auditorium (custom built)
3DLES Auditorium

CASTELLUM FECTIO (custom built)

The First Temple (custom built)
3DLES First Temple