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Custom Builds

We create exclusive custom environments and objects or assets that can be used in virtual environments like FrameVR. These builds are created in .gbl format. Examples of these can be seen and visited at the bottom of this page. Just click on the links to teleport to these environments in FrameVR
If you want to know more about exclusive custom builds like pricing and ownership, do contact us.

3DLES Expo Central

EDUframes Pavilion (custom built)
3DLES virtual Office

3DLES Expo Central (custom built)
3DLES Expo Central

Chatterdale (custom built)
Chatterdale tourist01

Lodewien Art Gallery (custom built)
3DLES Lodewien Art Gallery

Parolay (custom built)

3DLES Auditorium (custom built)
3DLES Auditorium

Roman Castellum Fectio (custom built)

The First Temple (custom built)
3DLES First Temple