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EDU Frames

We are building some great new tools and features right now. What it is? 

Educational virtual areas/worlds with Virtual Reality (VR) access, which some call Metaverse, we call it Edu Framesoculus quest 2
These EDU frames are hosted by FrameVR and are completely browser based and you can access them with VR headsets, mobile phones, tablets and computers and Chromebooks.

These EDU Frames can all have...

  • Voice chat
  • Text chat
  • Voice to text chat
  • Automatic text translate in many languages
  • Streaming boards (Webcam or screen sharing)
  • PDF presenters
  • Whiteboards
  • Video & Audio objects
  • 3D object import
  • and more...

Custom Built areas

We can build your own custom area. So you can have your own unique virtual office filled with the right tools and boards, or any other wild idea, we can create it.
Examples of custom built areas can be visited already, click on one of the images in the grey area at the bottom of this page.
Contact us to find out more.

Try it yourself, access is very easy...WASDQE movement

  • Just click one of the pictures below or the red button.
  • Your browser will open a virtual room in a new window on your device.
  • Just have a look around, we will probably be working on it.
  • It is still a Beta version of FrameVR so it could glitch sometimes, but it is getting better every day.
  • You can move with the WASD (and QE) buttons of your keyboard.   

visit EDU Metaverse

3DLES OFFICE (custom built)
3DLES virtual Office

3DLES Expo Central (custom built)
3DLES Expo Central

CHATTERDALE (custom built)
Chatterdale tourist01

Lodewien Art Gallery (custom built)
3DLES Lodewien Art Gallery

PAROLAY (custom built)

3DLES Auditorium (custom built)
3DLES Auditorium

CASTELLUM FECTIO (custom built)

The First Temple (custom built)
3DLES First Temple