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3DLES EDUgridThe EDUgrid of 3DLES is a virtual environment we use as a showcase for education so you can have a look around. You can find several islands as a showcase for our projects, like e.g. most of the islands of the TeCoLa project.

The TeCoLa project grid (soon to be the E-LIVE grid) is a closed and safe environment for young students (age 12-16), only teachers and students of affiliated schools have access to the islands on the grid, others can not enter the islands during school hours. Any interested teachers can ask for an account to visit the 3DLES EDUgrid first. Or you can hyperjump from another grid to: http://edugrid.3dles.com:8002 

What can be found at the EDUgrid?

  • Welcome - the central area where all users arrive.
  • Chatterdale - where students can practice English.
  • Parolay - where students can practice French.
  • Arcadia - where students (and teachers) can learn how to navigate in a virtual environment.
  • SLRoute - The research island of the SLRoute project of the University of Alcal√° de Henares.
  • TeamUp - where students can play a game by working together on an assignment.
  • Mikree Zahaav - The Hebrew island of the University of Tilburg.
  • Linda Kellie's Freebies Mall - Full of clothing, furniture, textures and objects.

Experiencing the EDUgrid

You want to experience it yourself, first? Make a Virtual Visit to our 3DLES EDUgrid.

If you want more informatie about our services? Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or see our Contact page to see how to get in contact.