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These are project 3DLES has been working on

FrameVR in the Classroom (2024)FITClogo05vrij
Development of the community website and virtual area(s) of 'FrameVR in the Classroom', a community dedicated to educators using FrameVR as a virtual world tool. The website is filled with tips & trics for education in virtual worlds and starts from scratch - website: framevrintheclassroom.online

E-LIVE project (EU) (2022-2024)
E LIVE 2022Project partner at the E-LIVE project, started January 2022. Technical setup and maintenance of an OpenSimulator Grid, FrameVR, Mozilla Hubs, Moodle CMS, VR tools and Big Blue Button with this educational project: Engaging Languages in Intercultural Virtual Exchange - website: eliveproject.eu

Lodewien Art Gallery (2022)
LodewienIn 2015 we developed a virtual art gallery in OpenSimulator, commisioned by the Dutch painter Lodewien. www.lodewien.nl
In 2022 we rebuilt the art gallery of Lodewien in FrameVR so now you can visit the virtual art gallery directly from your browser so, jump right in!

EVA Park project - City University London
(2016-ongoing )
EVA logoTechnical research for the EVA Park project. Eva Park is an OpenSim island that does research on how to train people with aphasia and give them unique opportunities to practise their speech and establish social connections in a safe environment - website: evapark.city.ac.uk

TeCoLa project (EU) (2016-2019)
TecoLa logo Green 128Project partner at the TeCoLa project, funded by the European Union. Technical and content management of an OpenSimulator grid, Moodle CMS and Big Blue Button web conferencing - website: sites.google.com/site/tecolaproject

Guinevere project (EU) (2017-2019)
GuinevereProject partner at the Guinevere project, funded by the European Union. Technical and content management of OpenSimulator, building of islands on the Guinevere grid (now to be found on Kitely), for research on gaming in virtual worlds and Minecraft for language education - website:  www.guinevereproject.eu

TILA project (EU) (2013-2015)
TILA logoProject partner at the TILA project, funded by the European Union. Technical and content management of an OpenSimulator grid, Moodle CMS and Big Blue Button web conferencing - website: www.tilaproject.eu

Chatterdale & Parolay (2011-2012)
logodigischoolDevelopment of a virtual English and French language village commissioned by Digitale School, Netherlands. these islands are now part of the EDUgrid and used in the TILA/TeCoLa/E-LIVE projects.

Spanish Language Route (2012-2014)
slr LogoResearch and development of a Spanish virtual environment with Non Player Characters as language teachers. Commisioned by the University of Alcalá de Henares (Spain). Read this article...

Arcadia Orientation island (2013)
Arcadia01Development of a oriëntation island, to learn how to walk, fly, dress, work, etc. Watch the video here. this island is part of the EDUgrid.

mikree zahaav (2012)
Mikree ZavahDevelopment of a virtual old testament region for Hebrew language learning commissioned by the Tilburg University.

OpenSimulator hosting server (2012)
Moved all virtual world work in OpenSimulator from the Virtyou server host to our own dedicated servers (Linux/Ubuntu).

NIFLAR (2009)
NiflarLogoManagement and maintenance of NIFLAR's european virtual language areas. website: niflar.eu

Virtyou (2009-2012)
Left TeenSL on Second Life and started working with the Opensimulator grid of virtyou.com, building several educational projects.

Digischool NL (2007-2009)logodigischool
Research and management of an educational island in Teen Second Life where we tried to find how to use virtual worlds in education. Several basic projects and ideas were tested.


EDUframes Pavilion (custom built)
3DLES virtual Office

3DLES Expo Central (custom built)
3DLES Expo Central

Chatterdale (custom built)
Chatterdale tourist01

Lodewien Art Gallery (custom built)
3DLES Lodewien Art Gallery

Parolay (custom built)

3DLES Auditorium (custom built)
3DLES Auditorium

Roman Castellum Fectio (custom built)

The First Temple (custom built)
3DLES First Temple